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Scheduled Classes

"Secrets of Water Gardening"
6/8, Saturday: 10am-12noon
This Class is the foundation for creating, maintaining, and understanding the creation of a balanced Eco-system in a water garden.  You will understand the fundamental principles of water gardening after taking this class.  

"Water Lily 101" 
6/22, Saturday: 10am-12noon
This class covers 42 varieties of water lilies; care, propagation, repotting and cures for some of the infestations our water lilies go through.

"Lotus Class" 
00/00, Saturday: 10am-12noon
This Class is the foundation for  maintaining, and understanding the secrets of growing the mystical lotus in a captive environment. This class is only given once a year in late February or early March .

"The Wonderful World of Garden Plants"
00/00*, Saturday: 10am-12noon

This class covers the water clarifying plants, floating plants, vining plants and the water plants that create height in waterscaping.  We cover characteristics, care, propagation, and creative uses in pond & container design.

"Shade Water and Moss Gardens"
00/00*, Saturday: 10am-12noon
This class teaches you how use moss, ferns, and water plants to create shade gardens using water wicking for automatic watering. 

Classes are $25
$20 Each if you Bring a Friend
Private Classes available
Call 808-828-6400 to arrange

*Class dated with 00/00  have not yet been scheduled

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