Fall Happenings

Happy Fall Equinox  


Yesterday The 23rd of September was the Fall Equinox.  Meaning fall is here and its a good time to repot your water lilies. This giving them the best chance for healthy growth through the winter.  Water lilies usually slow down their growth around November so we want to get them in some fresh dirt giving them a chance to developed a strong root system for winter. Now you can re-pot tropical water lilies any time of year they just take a lot longer to recover November- March. Garden Ponds re-pots water lilies for usually only $15 dollars year round. though.... Garden Ponds is having a re-potting party! 


Garden Ponds Re-potting Party  (Free Lily Re-Potting)

To celebrate the equinox for the next 30 days Garden Ponds is having a Potting Party  What that means is bring in a lily between September 24rd and October 23rd and we will repot them for free* (with purchase of 25 dollars or more per plant we re-pot. just mention this newsletter to qualify.  Purchase of  a new plastic pot may be required.) Water lilies are water loving plant and are very susceptible to drying out so we recommend transporting lilies in a white trash bag and make sure to keep the bag out of the direct sunlight for to long.

Lotus Going Dormant

Lotus will start heading in to dormancy, so be careful to prune the yellowing leaves above the water level. Only prune them under the water once stems are brown and brittle. If your interested in trying a lotus plant we recommend waiting to purchase them till at least mid April. When they have awakened from dormancy and are starting to have have standing leaves.

Mosaic Plant

We still have allot of Mosaic plant in stock and it still looks beautiful. That being said its about to slow down and get leggy and sparse. November its about time to shift them to the sunniest place in your ponds. During the winter they do require a bit extra sun we say 6 hours of direct sunlight and they will probably survive. Make sure to factor in that low ark the sun passes during our winter. If your mosaic does die off this winter come in to garden ponds staring April and we will have them Jumping back in to action here at Garden Ponds.