Landscape Materials

Stepping Stones
  Granite 12"x12"
  Granite 24"x24"
  Granite 24"X14"
  Lava 16"x16"
  Lava 16"x32"
  Puka Lava tumbled 12"x12"
  Puka Lava tumbled 24"x24"
  Puka Lava rough 24"x 24"
  Mosaic 16"x16"
  Mosaic 16"x32"
And other eclectic stepping stones

Edging Stones
  Lava Stone 2x6x12
  Lava Stone 2x6x16
  Paros (penatubo) 4x6x12
  Paros (penatubo) 4x8x16

Bags of Rocks
  Off White rocks 35#
  Black 1"-2" 55#  covers 3 sq ft.
  Black 2"-3" 55#  covers 2.5 sq ft.
  Black 3"-5" 55#  covers 2 sq ft.
  Oiso stones 1/2" 45# covers 4 sq ft.
  Oiso stones 1/4" 45# covers 5 sq ft.