Rain chains


Rain Chains for Sound and Wonder

Garden Ponds is happy to announce that we have a variety rain chains available at the nursery. We offer many styles made of different materials at competitive pricing and the highest quality.

Each rain chain has a beautiful and unique sound when water falls through it. The sound of falling water is peaceful and brings clarity to the mind. Stop by the nursery, where we have activated our rain chains as fountains, to see them in action.  

Our favorite rain chain material is pure copper but most styles can also be made of brass, aluminum, or stainless steel.  You can also take home a catalog of our rain chain selections and prices.

Rain chains are easy to install. They usually hang wherever there is a hole in your gutters, usually where your downspout was. We sell installation kits for $14.95 that rest in the hole to reduce the downspout flow into your rain chain. 

The base of your rain chain can be as simple as river rocks over gravel for drainage, or can be as beautiful as a tall slender ceramic pot. We also carry copper bowls that can anchor your rain chain so it does not blow in the wind.

Some things to consider; the length of our rain chain. They come in a standard 8.5 ft. but can be ordered into custom lengths. Also material that your current gutters are made of: if they are copper, you want a copper installation kit and if they are brass/aluminum you’ll want a brass/aluminum installation kit. If the two mix, electrolysis can corrode your connection. The last thing to consider is splashing: a rain chains splash zone is unique to each type, but just be sure to install them a safe distance from your decks/stairs/anything else that you want to keep out of the splash.

Even if it does not rain a lot in your hometown, rain chains can add to the vibration of your home or business. They are beautiful works of art all on their own, and copper carries many energetic properties that we can appreciate. We offer free shipping for orders to the mainland and Hawaii.

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