Rain chains

Garden Ponds is proud to announce that we are now a distributors of Rainchains.com Which has one of the highest quality, greatest selection, and best prices on the market  That means head over to their website check out everything they have and order from us. we sell every thing at the same great price as on the website but you don't have to pay shipping. Now their site states free shipping though once you put in those 967** zip-codes it adds 60 dollars per rain chain. Garden Ponds Just set up 3 beautiful Flowing Rain chains which are on display at garden ponds. You can also check out our new videos of rain chains as well as a video tour of the nursery at  Garden Ponds Facebook Videos. Although our in store stock of rain chains varies we are happy to order that perfect one that fits you and your Hale (house). 

To learn more about Rainchains Click HERE.

Garden Ponds also offers free shipping to anywhere in the United Stated for rain chain.To order through us just email the order to gardenponds@live.com. or come on in.