Aquatic and Semi-aquatic Water Plants

Garden Ponds has been growing water lilies on Kauai since 1994.  Our original collection of 120 water lilies has been paired down to the best 42 water lilies!  We keep picking the best of the best to grow here on Kauai.  Every year we try new ones looking for the easiest and the most beautiful for your water gardens.

Currently we carry 24 water lilies that bloom year round here on Kauai, making our Garden Island one of the best places to grow water lilies in the world.

Water Lilies


Albert Greenburg, Alexis, August Koch, Blue Beauty, Colorata, Dauben, Dir. Moore, Evelyn Randig, Firefox, Green Smoke, Indian Goddess, Islamorada, King of Siam, Laura Frase, Leopardess, Lindsey Woods, Madame Ganawalska, Margret Mary, Nora, Panama Pacific, Purple Beauty, Queen of Siam, Ruby, Saint Louis Gold, Shirley Byrne, Star of Siam, Tina, White Delight, and White Beauty.

  Tropical Night Bloomers:

Red Flare, Jennifer Rebecca, Texas Shell Pink, and Woods White Knight.


Arc En Ciel, Barbara Dobbins, Betsy Sakata, Colorado, Helvola, Joey Tomocik, Mangkalaubol, Sunrise, and Texas Dawn.


  Tropical:  Taiwan Rose, Bali White, Flying Dragon Yellow

  Hardy: Sacred China, Yellow, China Bowl

Wonderful World of Aquatic Water Plants:

*We carry a large assortment of water plants, below the water, floating, above the water and cascading out of the pond or water container pond.