Statues, Benches, and Lanterns
Gorgeous Onyx Fountain
Lights at Night
Available in different stones

Garden Ponds has been gathering a collection of garden statues from the Pacific Basin since 1999.  We have found an eclectic mix of bronze statues from Thailand and Indonesia.

Our stone carved statues come from Indonesia and China.  They are hand carved out of granite, river stone, lava stone, paros, limestone and basalt.  The harder the stone the more expensive it is. 

Our cast concrete and resin statues come from Indonesia and are very affordable


Garden Lanterns are from China and Indonesia
Made out of Paros, Granite, and Lava stone

Statues come in a variety of materials, including green stone, lava stone, river stone, marble, and blue stone. We have custom carvers in Indonesia who can carve anything!

Garden Benches are from China and Indonesia

Are made out of granite and basalt