Water Lilies

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Water Lily Identification Chart


    • Ice blue blooms
    • Pads: large oval mottled emerald green and burgundy
    • Non-viviparous
    • Light=6 hours Sun
    • Large

    Blue Beauty
    • Light blue blooms that start out darker blue purple and fade to almost white
    • Pads: mottled, fade to green on top over time
    • Viviparous
    • Light=5 hours full sun
    • Small-medium

    • Lavender white flower
    • Pads: lightly mottled, speckled backs
    • Non-viviparous
    • Light=6 hours sun
    • Medium

    • Light blueish/white blooms
    • Pads: plain green
    • Viviparous
    • Light=4 hours sun - low light lily
    • Small

    • Large white flower. In cooler months edges of petals and stamen tips are tinged with pink
    • Pads: Mottled
    • Viviparous
    • Small-medium