Monet’s Water Lilies

Next month I leave for the International Water Gardening Societies Symposium in Bordeaux, France. In addition, I’ll be going to the Latour-Marliac Nursery & Gardens where it all started in 1889 at the World’s Fair in Paris where he showcased for the first time his assortment of hybrid hardy water lilies with many colors catching the attention of Europe for the first time.

After seeing the breath-taking display one young man decided to buy the house he was renting south of Paris and made plans to build a pond to have the same multicolored water lilies he saw at the World’s Fair back in 1889.  This man, Monet, painted them and made water lilies famous around the world in his home named Giverny. I have been wanting to go there ever since I started Garden Ponds back in 1994 and am so excited to finally get the chance to do so.

Some of Claude Monet's Famous Water Lily Paintings


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    This is awesome. Great article.

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