We Are Open For Business

In these uncertain times, there is one thing that is for sure, Garden Ponds Nursery is open to the public for your essential gardening needs! 

Garden Ponds is an essential business because we provide mosquito control fish as well as fish (koi) food for our clients as well as vegetable garden starts, compost, dirt, fertilizer and garden amendments. We also provide maintenance to about 80 Koi Ponds around the island, ensuring they are fed and the pump/filter systems are working properly.

Garden Ponds “Pond Service”: We feed fish, maintain filters, and pumps in fish ponds that require weekly or every other week maintenance to keep them healthy. We maintain water gardens with fish for mosquito abatement.  Not doing maintenance can cause mosquito problems, fish dying, ponds going anaerobic, filters clogging and pumps failing. (Some of these ponds are indoors). For transportation to our accounts, we are only allowing one maintenance person per vehicle. While doing maintenance, employees wear cloth masks and gloves and maintain a safe 6-foot distance when interacting with people.

Garden Ponds in Kilauea is a one-acre, outdoor and open-air nursery that provides: Vegetable & herb garden starts, compost, dirt, fertilizer, irrigation systems, and garden amendments. As well as fish food, fish treatments, and fish for mosquito abatement.  We also provide Aquaponics and hydroponics supplies, included but not limited to, plumbing supplies, filters, pumps, Tilapia and pond treatments.

At Garden Ponds Nursery, all employees wear cloth masks when speaking to customers and maintain a safe 6-foot distance at all times.  We have installed a hand wash station so that customers are able to wash their hands at any time while at Garden Ponds. We have also installed a plexiglass window at our sales window, to limit any spread of the virus.


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  1. Brittany

    It’s lucky you are considered essential! Koi fish are important too. Thank you for sharing!

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