Make it a ‘Blue Mind’ Holiday

This holiday season we are going for a ‘Blue Mind’. Why not? According to Wallace J. Nichols’ Blue Mind theory, water positively affects the mind and body, and provides ways people can use water to improve their well-being.

Blue Mind is the term used to describe the state of water-associated peace. Some of the ways water can produce physical and mental health benefits include:

  • triggering involuntary attention, a sort of resting state for our brains- which is essential to problem-solving and creativity.
  • increasing the neurotransmitters dopamine, sometimes called the feel-good hormone; serotonin, also known as the happiness hormone; and oxytocin, described as the cuddle hormone; and decreasing cortisol, described as the stress hormone.
  • inducing ‘awe’ that expands a person’s ability to feel compassion.
  • The color, sound and feel of water reduces our pulse rate and increases feelings of calmness.

There are easy ways to experience a ‘blue mind’ such as having a bath, swimming, sitting on the seaside, gazing at an aquarium, or incorporating a water garden into your life.  Add the happiness-inducing effects of watching a water lily bloom daily, and you will come to know a potent antidote to life’s many stressors.  Not only will it increase your happiness and elevate your mood, but it will also encourage you to slow down, smell the water lilies, and gaze into the calming, dappled underwater scene of a harmonious fish-snail-and-plant-ecosystem.  Something our ancestors co-evolved with, and has been shown to lower heart rate, boost creativity and problem solving, and lower stress and anxiety levels.

Let us help you get your own mini oasis going with our water garden package deal, and half priced Terri Dunn water lilies, starting today, until the end of December.  A great gift idea that can be pre-purchased up until December 31st.  Let your loved one come and pick their own ceramic pot and water lily, or better yet, make it a ‘date’ and do it together.  Use it as an opportunity to connect and spend time together.  Add to your oasis by taking advantage on our flash sale on ceramics and statuary.

Flash Sale on Ceramic Pots and Statuary* (this weekend only)

Friday the 24th, Saturday the 25th and Sunday the 26th enjoy 10% off ceramic pots and hand carved statues, and 20% off cast concrete statues.  We are open Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

*excludes custom orders and consignment

$211 Water Garden Package Deal until December 31st

The water garden package deal comes with all the elements required for setting up and maintaining your very own balanced ecosystem water garden, including:

  • A ceramic pot $159 (various colors)
  • Starter water lily $35 –Dauben, or Islamorada (based on what’s blooming)
  • 3 orange platy fish $9
  • 2 ramshorn snails $4
  • 2 underwater clarifying plants: tape grass & hornwort $15
  • 1 bottle of water lily tabs $7
  • Instructions and expert guidance on how to set up the water garden (priceless)
Wake up to this beauty. 
Half off Terri Dunn water lilies,
a prolific year-round bloomer

Sale on Terri Dunn water lilies: the BEST starter lily

 Until December 31st (or until supplies last), come into Garden Ponds Nursery and get a Terri Dunn water lily at half price. Nymphaea Terri Dunn has blue-violet cup shaped flowers with speckled violet sepals. This viviparous tropical lily has dark green leaves with gorgeous burgundy- and mulberry-colored patterns on the underside of the pads. This is one of the most prolific bloomers in the pond or container water garden and will produce numerous flowers, almost non-stop, all year. 

Want to learn more about setting up a water garden?

 Join our Secrets of Water Gardening Class to learn the foundations for creating, maintaining, and understanding the care of a balanced eco-system in a water garden. Find out more by visiting 

 Secrets of Water Gardening:

Saturday December 17, 2022 10:00 am – 12noon.

Carnivorous plants – sarracenia purpurea, leucophylla, & flava flava 

Reminder: now is an excellent time to stock up on carnivorous pitcher plants.  We are entering the ideal time to split and repot the pitcher plants.  Come see our selection of unique bug-eating plants, and perhaps share some with your gift list this year.  We thank you for supporting local small businesses this holiday season.