Spring Sale on Cast Concrete

SALE: 10%-50% off cast concrete statues March 25th – April 2nd

Some stunning garden art statues have arrived, and we at Garden Ponds want to share some of the beauty! Buddha’s, monks, Ganesha’s, Tiki’s, gargoyles, and dragons, oh my! All sorts of garden delights to be found on sale in the cast concrete department starting tomorrow, Saturday March 25 until Sunday, April 2. Ten percent off all cast concrete statuary including some great Japanese style lanterns.  Also, select cast concrete statues will be 25%-50% off. Literally, something for everybody!

We have a gorgeous selection of Buddha’s, including standing Buddha with Anjali mudra (greeting), the joyous ‘Happy Buddha’ or the sitting ‘meditation’ Buddha. Elevate your space with some lovely garden art.

Concrete statues are made from pre-shaped molds and finished with concrete dye.  Much lighter weight, these pieces are far easier to transport and place in your garden than the solid stone pieces.  


Happy Buddha is a part of the cast concrete collection on sale at Garden Ponds Nursery March 25 thru April 2, 2023

An Abundance of Buddha’s

Since we have such a great selection of Buddhas in this shipment, here are some tips for choosing a location and a style of a Buddha statue for your space: 

  • To bring abundance into your home, face the Buddha towards your house.
  • Try to place the Buddha facing east towards the sunrise.

The Meaning of the Buddha’s Position

Meditation Buddha:  The Buddha sits in the Lotus position with both hands in his lap, face up and eyes closed. Place this statue in your meditation room or corner, or a quiet sitting place in your garden.

Happy Buddha:  Usually depicted smiling with a rounded belly and bald head, some say you can rub the Buddha’s belly for good luck.

Anjali Buddha: This Buddha will have his palms together at the heart, in a silent, reverent greeting. 

Come by and see if you can find a little something for your space.

Cast concrete Japanese lanterns are 25% off in the cast concrete sale!